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Universal Power Supply AK-NU-07-OEM 90W

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Akyga AK-NU-07 is a universal power supply for various types of notebooks powered in the range of 18.5V / 19V / 19.5V / 20V and maximum 90W, holding a set of 6 different interchangeable plugs. Plugs differ from each other in inner and outer dimensions and presence of the pin. This kind of solution is particularly recommended for people who want to supply various models of laptops of different brands, without having to buy and carry around multiple power supplies. If needed, to match the power supply to a completely different range of products, all you have to do is only change the plug.

The output voltage is adjusted automatically after connecting the selected plug. The cord of the power adapter is equipped with a high-quality ferrite core that prevents and protects devices from any possible mode currents and high frequency noise. A set of protectors (OVP, OTP, OPP, SCP and OCP) guarantees fully secure, stable work of both powered device and the power supply. Additional safety for the equipment is provided by the soft start technology, which neutralizes the shock of the first stroke of current during the device startup.

A new power supply, sold without packaging

The set includes a 1.5 m power cord.

* The power supply is not compatible with DELL notebooks

Технические характеристики
Product type AC/DC adapter
Supply voltage 110-240 V / 50/60 Hz
Power consumption < 2 A
Efficiency > 80 %
Output voltage 18.5V / 19V / 19.5V / 20V
Output amperage max. 6 A
Outlet cord length 1.2 m
Output connector M5 19V 5.5x2.5 mm, M6 19V 5.0x3.0 mm + pin, M9 19.5V 7.4x5.0 mm + pin, M11 20V 7.9x5.5 mm + pin, M12 18.5V 7.4x5.0 mm + pin, M15 19V 5.5x1.7 mm
Maximum power 90 W
Power inlet IEC C6
USB connector None
Power cable included No
Material ABS
Temperature 5 - 50 °C
Product size (L x W x H) 170 x 55 x 30 mm
Net weight 373.2 g
Warranty 24 months